Director of Development




As the Director of Development, John is tasked with creating a development strategy, which entails direct fundraising, and working with and supporting Patriots Honor senior management team with its fundraising plans. John manages Patriots Honor fundraising efforts and resources through integrity, honor and dedication to our service men and women.

John designs and executes on a comprehensive development strategy for the Patriots Honor Organization. With John’s keen management and operational skills he will help oversee and execute on capital campaigns, national events, corporate development/partnership and ongoing fundraising efforts. He also works closely with, forms and manages the Patriots Honor Nonprofit development team of volunteers.

John’s vast knowledge as a Chief Master Sergeant with more than 32 years in the Air Force is immeasurable. John has decided to join the Patriots Honor team and expand veteran assistance and awareness by giving back to those who gave. Now serving as the 13th Reconnaissance Squadron, Maintenance Squadron Superintendent at Beale AFB, California, he ensures RQ-4 Global Hawk In-Shop maintenance requirements governing Non Destructive Inspection (NDI), Jet Engine, Fuel Systems, advanced composite Fabrication and Aerospace Ground Equipment operations not only meet but exceeds today’s Air Force mission expectations. John effectively utilizes personnel and resources to employ, fly, fight and win with our nation’s best.

John was born in Lynwood, California and entered the Air Force in 1980. Additionally he has deployed in operational missions in support of Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Desert Fox, Just Cause, Northern Watch, Elder Forest, Crisis Reach, Restore Hope, Deny Flight, Deliberate Guard, Decisive Endeavor, Deliberate Forge, Global Guardian, Global Lightning, Allied Force, Joint Forge, Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, Phoenix Banner, Phoenix Scorpion III, and Noble Eagle. 

John’s selection as Deputy Development Officer was a culmination of his professional military leadership and unrivaled desire to improve a better life for those less fortunate in our military.

John is married to Barbara, residing in California and has two daughters Taji and Kristin and a son Joseph.


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