WHITNEY-BIO-PICWhitney provides developmental and planning expertise to the Patriots Honor Advisory Board. A highly skilled leader, he brings valuable legal and business expertise to the oversight of new and existing Patriots Honor programs.

“I’m extremely proud to be selected as a Patriots Honor board member,” said Whitney. “I’m honored to work with the Patriots Honor team to provide these vital sports and rehab services to our injured military veterans and service members.”

Whitney was born and raised in Tipton, Indiana. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Indiana University. During his four years at IU, Whitney was enrolled in and graduated from the Army R.O.T.C. program. After completing his undergraduate degree, Whitney went on to graduate from Indiana University School of Law. After graduation, he entered active duty Officer’s Training at Fort Lee, Virginia, and returned to Indianapolis to serve an 8-year stint with the Army Reserve as the Adjutant to the General of the Quarter Master.

Upon leaving the Army Reserve, Whitney was employed as a staff attorney for Indiana Governor Otis Bowen, serving as the liaison for the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Alcohol Beverage Commission and the Public Utilities Commission.  During his time on the governor’s staff, he was tasked with drafting the Ethics Rules and Regulations for the Indiana State Legislature. The governor then appointed Whitney as Director of Consumer Affairs for the Public Service Commission.  As Director of Consumer Affairs, he provided a new appeal process on statewide utility company decisions that adversely affected homeowners and business owners.


As his love for business development expanded, Whitney formed a legal referral services program that spanned 50 states over a three-year period. From there, he founded an estate planning business that provided estate planning to more than 1,000 families in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Whitney also owned an arbitration and mediation company that grew to a panel of more than 125 arbitrators and mediators.

Whitney is currently involved as founder and co-developer of a 135-acre sports complex project slated to break ground in mid-2015 at Mather Field in Mather, California. Through his involvement in the development of the Mather Sports Village, Whitney has made it a personal priority to include wounded warrior games, sports training and rehabilitation as an integral part of that project’s future programs. Whitney’s plans are for Mather Sports Village to someday assist injured veterans and service members with sports and physical therapies in state-of-the-art medical facilities.

Whitney has been married to his wife Linda for 28 years, and they have three grown children.

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