Please contact events@patriotshonor.org or call 855-482-5687 for more information about the following ways to give back.


Building Your Own Fundraiser

Buidling your own fundraiser to benefit Patriots Honor programs is empowering way of donating to help injured veterans. Whether it's a sporting tournament, school activity or community event, you can honor veterans in your own way. Patriots Honor would be proud to be elected the beneficiary at your next event.


Company Give Backs

Company matches and employee drives are a great way to to give back. Develope a matching program, empower your staff with a friendly competition or create fundraising drive is a great way to support injured veterans.


Corporate Donations

Patriots Honor has many events throughout the year where corporate help is needed. Whether it's through a grant or an event sponsorship, corporate funding helps to endorse and promote the mission that Patriots Honor represents.


Monetary Donations

Making a small one-time or monthly donation towards Patriots Honor will help continue our efforts towards sustaining programs for injured veterans.



We love our volunteers, they are the structure of Patriots Honor. There are many opportunities to volunteer at Patriots Honor event. Contact us to find one close to you.