Recipes and Acts of valor Behind the medals of Valor

Patriots Honor Organization, in collaboration with Wimmer Cookbooks, is currently publishing a new cookbook, Recipes of Valor: Recipes and Awards of Valor War Stories from America’s Brave. The cookbook is dedicated to our Nation’s prestigious Recipients of the Medal of Honor, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Air Force Cross, and Navy/Marine Cross, filled with favorite family recipes and personal stories of the acts of valor of our honored service men and women.

We are proud to work with Wimmer Cookbooks; they are a top-ranked cookbook development and cookbook printing resource in the United States. Together, we will create a unique collectable cookbook that showcases timeless military era photos and recipes from some of our most decorated military members.

We hope to capture the hearts and minds of our readers by sharing with them the delicious family recipes and personal stories of our service men and women who have been honored for their outstanding service and sacrifice.

“It has been our distinct pleasure working with all recipients and their families to bring you this one-of-a-kind cookbook” says Brent Hammond, Patriots Honor CEO.  “We hope to showcase and honor our brave military members by sharing their acts of valor and recipes. The sales of this cookbook will help fund Patriots Honor programs for our injured veterans”.

If you are a current recipient or a family member of a recipient and would like information on a cookbook entry, please see attached. For questions regarding cookbooks, contact or call 855-482-5687.