Patriots Honor has established Golf 4 Patriots, a give-back program to assist injured service members’ rehabilitation through the popular sport of golf.

Our goal is to empower these veterans to pursue their passions in life. Our belief is that golfing can help these service members attain dramatic improvements in their mobility while, at the same time, fostering self-esteem, independence, and a sense of normalcy in their lives. As a low impact sport, golf provides an avenue for military members to rehabilitate while exercising. Sports, like golf, that require hand-eye coordination have been proven to assist with adaptation to prosthetics and orthotics, as well as alleviate Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder and social disorders.

Patriots Honor has partnered with Hanger Clinic, the United States’ leading provider of prosthetics and orthotics, to open the door to a multitude of recreational opportunities for our injured veterans. Hangar’s specially designed adaptive sports equipment will allow participants in the Golf 4 Patriots to take advantage of a sports therapy program aimed at enhancing both the physical and mental wellness of these service members.

And Patriots Honor wants to take it one step further for these veterans. Once outfitted with the most advanced prosthetic and orthotic technologies in the world, each veteran will receive state-of-the-art golf equipment and professional sports instruction, ensuring their success on the golf course and building their confidence to meet life’s challenges.

“We’re very excited about our Golf 4 Patriots program. The developmental and rehabilitation impact this program will have is enormous,” said Brent Hammond, Patriots Honor CEO. “Without the support and generosity of these major companies and the commitment from golf course instructors nationwide, we could not provide this exceptional give-back program to our veterans.”

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